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Inception Anonymous Kink Meme

You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.

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Prompt Post No. 5
a/e 2
inception_anon wrote in inception_kink
* * * Round 5 is now closed to new prompts. * * *

Welcome to Round 5 of the Inception Kink Meme. This post will be closed to new prompts once it reaches three thousand comments. Also, please check our updated rules.
General Rules
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Format of Prompts
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  • No "!" in pairings, only in descriptions. (e.g. Ariadne/Arthur, CFO!Ariadne, CorporateHeadhunter!Arthur)
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  • To make sure that your newly posted fic is found and properly indexed, please post a comment to the fill list using the prescribed format.




[Fill] You're waiting for an orgasm [8/8]


2010-08-27 08:27 am (UTC)


They don't say anything when they drift out of the dream, just lie there, lost. It's Eames that breaks the silence.

"Saito hasn't gone yet," he says. "Saito! Share your particular brand of debauchery with us, will you?"

Saito hums, then sits up, pulling the cannula from his wrist.

"I think that first," he says, "I would approach Mr. Arthur."

He walks toward Arthur, who has crawled to lean against a filing cabinet, very angry and very frustrated. Saito rubs at his wrist with a ball of cotton, then tosses it over his shoulder, as he stalks a little closer.

"Then I would probably maneuver him into a position of better mobility," he says, and lifts Arthur easily into his arms, even though Arthur flails as coherently as he can manage. "And then I would locate a private area."

"There's a room off to the side," says Yusuf, pointing.

"I would thank our friend the chemist for being so helpful," says Saito, walking in the pointed direction. "And then I would take Mr. Arthur into the private room, waste no time in getting his pants off, and we would both achieve orgasm before any of you knew what had just happened."

"That's a really efficient plan," says Ariadne. "Should we take a vote now?"

"We should write down the options first," says Cobb. "There are so many to keep track of."

"I've got paper," says Yusuf.

Saito is already in the doorway when Arthur grabs onto the frame, stopping them.

"Eames," he calls.

"Yes?" asks Eames, blinking.

Arthur emphasizes every word like it's italicized and underlined in boldface:

"If you let Saito continue any further," he says, "I will be very disappointed in you."

There's a brief pause as the sentence travels across the air, into Eames' ear, swirls around Eames' brain, and shoots down straight into his spine.

"Excuse me a moment," he says, and in an instant, he's snatched Arthur into his own arms, thrown him onto the bed, and closed the door to the private room.

Saito locks it from the outside.

"Are you-- are you okay with that?" asks Cobb.

"He would have done better to go with me," says Saito, "but I am a generous man."

"Thank you, Saito," come voices from inside the private room. "Thank you, Yusuf."


[The end!]

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